The Art of Self-Expression

The Art of Self Expression is a philosophical approach, without form nor boundaries, in which the individual is encouraged to fully be him or herself using self-awareness and the unique attributes that make that person special. As with yin and yang having opposing forces for hard and soft (shadow and light), understanding the opposing force relationship of love and fear are used to help each person obtain an honest existence of compassion and self-enlightenment.

We encourage each student to be his or herself when in the studio. As an example – rather than come in with an ego (which is often a product of fear)
and try to be a different person when in one of our martial arts classes, we encourage the student to be his or herself and to express his or her own unique way through the martial arts or the fitness activities.

With this approach, the student eventually makes the experience his or her own and is prepared to incorporate the skills taught in everyday life. In real life situations, a student is natural to be what they do and become as a result of the training in the studio. Ultimately, the student becomes the art, and the art becomes the student.

If a student is not his or her true self when training with the skills and philosophies of martial arts or fitness, the student will not become the art in their own expressive manner. The student would then be ill-prepared to apply elements of the training, if necessary, in actual life events outside the studio.

The Art of Self-Expression is based on this lifestyle approach. As the Jeet Kune Do Master, Sifu Jerry Poteet, many times said, “It’s the difference between doing and being.”