At Ki, our philosophy is to personalize the training and fitness path based on each individual’s needs. We care about each person’s process and meet individually with each new student to prepare him or her for their journey.

Whether a student of martial arts or fitness and in private sessions or in classes, we provide individualized attention to each person. Class sizes are typically very small to allow for this. Class sizes will be limited to 15 people for martial arts and 20 people for fitness.

We provide as little or as much guidance as the student desires. We act as a guide for his or her journey in martial arts and/or fitness. The journey is unique to each student and depends largely on each student’s needs and desires.

For our martial arts students, we emphasize “The Art of Self-Expression“, a philosophical approach, without form nor boundaries, in which the individual is encouraged to fully be him or herself using self-awareness and the unique attributes that make person special.

All martial arts and fitness classes are taught with an emphasis on compassion, focus, awareness, and energy. Students with a bad demeanor or a destructive ego are not admitted to the studio in order to sustain and safe and friendly training environment for all.

In class environments, students are encouraged to assist and support each other when needed. Our current students already have a sense of camaraderie and friendship with each other, which allows for better training and results for all.

While our students are training in a friendly and good-natured environment, we still train in the philosophy of the Jeet Kune Do Master, Sifu Jerry Poteet, who said “Play, but play seriously!”