Sijo Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee FitnessBruce Lee was a force in the world and still is through all that learn, experience, and live Jeet Kune Do. Through self-expression, directness, honesty, and a spirit unmatched, Bruce Lee excelled as a martial artist and, more importantly, as a human being.

With many life experiences – on the street, training under Ip Man, collaborating and training with other martial artists and athletes of other arts and sports – combined with philosophy and limitless ability of awareness, Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do in the late sixties.

While many see Bruce Lee as a physical phenomenon, the true core of his being, or chi or ki, come from his existence as a philosopher. He did not merely study and theorize philosophy, he created and lived it every day – as a teacher, a father, a son, a friend.

Sifu Jerry Poteet

jerry_special_3“Philosophy in motion”, Jerry Poteet was one of Bruce Lee’s first students, privately trained at Bruce Lee’s home and in Chinatown, Los Angeles with an small elite group. Often referred to as “Keeper of the Flame” and “The Conscience of Jeet Kune Do”, Jerry Poteet spent his life living and teaching Jeet Kune Do to a new generation of students.

Jerry Poteet represented a living yin yang – hard and soft. His energy and power were distinctive while his compassion and gentleness were endless. With the spirit of a philosopher and the force of unmistakeable power, he not only taught Jeet Kune Do as Bruce Lee taught it to him; he shared experiences and wisdom to teach strategy, compassion, efficiency, power, self-awareness, and to live a life unfettered. Through his unique stories and creative analogies, Jerry Poteet simplified the art and life itself for each student.

While many knew of Jerry Poteet’s work through film and choreography, including “Dragon, the Bruce Lee Story”, where he and his wife Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph trained Jason Scott Lee, his greatest gifts were to those who knew him personally.

He was many things to many people; yet always the same person sharing his energy to all he came into contact with. He was and still is to many of us – a sifu, a teacher, a friend, and an inspiration… The Golden Light.

“Sifu Jerry was not only my teacher and Sifu, he was my close friend and part of my family. While he taught students and a selected small few as instructors through the years, I also had the privilege of experiencing a special friendship with him. I spent much of my time with him not just for my JKD training, but living life, sharing philosophies, (for me) gathering wisdom, and watching football together! With his Inner Light, he has touched many people, many lives. Now, his light is forever Golden! I will always miss you my friend, my Sifu!”

Today, Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph continues to be the “Keeper of the Flame” for Jerry Poteet’s Jeet Kune Do, guiding the currently active group of only about 25 original certified JKD instructors in the world…and working with new talent to bring about a new generation of instructors and students.

Sifu Andreas Simatos

Back CameraSifu Andreas began in martial arts at the age of 4. After earning degrees in black belt in Tae Kwon Do for 20 years, he continued on his martial arts journey for years with other arts… but never finding what was right for his energy. After a philosophical journey for years, he sought out Jeet Kune Do and discovered it in the city of Chicago, which eventually led to an invitation and first training experience in Los Angeles with Sifu Jerry Poteet.

In the years that followed, Sifu Andreas spent much of his time every month privately training nationally and often privately in the home of Sifu Jerry, as well as receiving augmented training from some fellow veteran certified JKD Instructors. Sifu Andreas is the one of the last to be certified by Sifu Jerry in the traditional chinatown style manner of private one-on-one training and testing. (Sifu Jerry’s wife and protégé, Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph, is now continuing the tradition for certification for the future generation.)

Since 2009, Sifu Andreas has been one of a very small elite group of active certified JKD instructors that was certified directly under Sifu Jerry to fully teach authentic JKD.

Sifu Andreas is the founder The Art of Ki™, philosophies and training for a healthy lifestyle, inspired by the martial arts way.

Sifu Andreas currently teaches all asepcts of The Art of Ki™, including Jeet Kune Do, KiFit™ fitness program, Tai Ki™, and The Art of Ki™ philosophies through ‘The Art of Self-Expression’, diet consulting, and more.

Sifu Andreas teaches internationally and specializes in-person training throughout the Chicago area and Greece. He provides seminars to local private and public groups as well as guest-hosts in international seminars and events. Sifu Andreas is a proud representative of the Jerry Poteet’s Jeet Kune Do Association.

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