Fees and Training

Standard Fees:
(Add 3% for credit card purchases)

Per Session 8-Session Pack*
All Sessions: $40 $295



  • Training is provided on a schedule based on the student’s and Sifu’s availability.
  • Sessions are often personalized. 24-hour minimum cancellation notice to avoid charge for a session. Other conditions and rules apply.
  • * 8-session pack does not expire and is non-refundable. In a full month of attending, it equates to a month of sessions if attending twice a week.

Sifu Andreas is available to teach on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sifu is currently accepting new students. (18 and older and conditionally accepted once approved by Sifu – no experience required.)

Sifu is available to teach and consult individuals, small groups, and as a guest at private & public events.

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Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do, translated as “The way of the intercepting fist”, is a style of martial arts created by Bruce Lee in the sixties and early seventies.  It incorporates the idea of “attacking the attack” by intercepting the opponent and not using passive movements for efficiency and full effectiveness.

The real essence of Jeet Kune Do involves its philosophies and their applications in energy training as well as everyday life.

To learn more about the art of Jeet Kune Do, please visit here.

Sessions are taught by Sifu Andreas Simatos, the only certified 2nd Generation JKD Instructor in the Chicago NW Suburbs.  

Tai Ki™

A martial art that provides a combination of defense and health benefits and similar to Tai Chi, Tai Ki™ training offered at Ki can augment a martial arts student or is a great experience for those interested in a learning a martial art while improving posture, balance, breathing, and self-awareness.


KiFit™ Fitness Program with elements to augment most lifestyles, martial arts, and sports. Focuses on balancing aerobic and anaerobic routines while using very little equipment and mostly body weight for strength training.  Also, includes activities to improve speed, fast-twitch responsiveness, and maintain flexibility in joints while increasing strength overall.


Stationary and movement flexibility exercises with an additional emphasis on movements in martial arts.  No martial arts experience required.  Beneficial for anyone looking to increase movement flexibility.  


Focuses on personalized discussions of establishing and maintaining habits to attain better health.  Discussions include topics of diet, fitness, mental health, goal-setting, organization, energy, healing options, and more.  


Meditation and philosophical studies with discussion. Philosophical sources include but are not limited to eastern cultures, ancient european civilizations, and modern philosophies.  While this is not a religious program and religions are not the focus, philosophies derived from religions are allowed by students. Ki Martial Arts believes in respecting and supporting all spiritual and religious freedoms and beliefs.










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